Thursday, July 20, 2006

Yahoo Classifieds Feed Update

I wish I was posting good news on the Yahoo Classifieds feed. Alas, i'm not. We are still waiting on their techincal team to identify and resolve the bug on their end. Just to show how erratic their display of our feed has been, here is a graph of the referrals from Yahoo over the couple of months.

Every once and a while we'll get a big jump. The good news here is that we'll be meeting with the Yahoo Biz Dev people in San Francisco at the Inman Connect Conference next week. We hope to get someone committed to not only resolving the issue, but also committed to placing new resources on their classifieds engine.

As everyone should know, Yahoo Real Estate has a agreement with Prudential to display all of their IDX feeds. It was an easy way to get a lot of data. It's great for Prudential affiliates, terrible for everyone else and frankly, I'm shocked that Yahoo would align itself with one franchise and alienate the rest of the industry.

Yahoo Classifieds is the one bone they throw to rest of the industry. Notwithstanding the limitations they have in real estate as a result of their contract with Prudential, they should be focusing more resources on their Classifieds product to give more even exposure to other affiliations and expand their content base.



Monday, July 10, 2006

Point2 Syndication Update

Some of our Canadian members may have recieved some bizzare emails the past couple of days. We are just working the final kinks out of the new feed. When a new listing was added some member may have received an email that looks something like this:

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Wednesday, July 05, 2006 11:10 AM
Subject: Items uploaded

> Thank you for advertising in point2tech, powered by LiveDeal. Your
> classified ad is now online at
> To modify your ad (expand your ad copy or upload photos) please click
> here:
> Your Ad Login ID: E7F2308D-3F63-4A7C-A092-140DB6B26D59
> Your Password: Enter your phone number in the space provided
> Questions? Please email Member Support at
> *****************************
> This is an automated mailing.

This email is obviously meant for individual people who open a single LiveDeal store. The email should be suppessed and will be shortly. Sorry for any confusion out there.

- One feed at a time...