Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Back from Inman

Now if I was a real blogger, I would have been blogging from Inman... I'm working on it! I've got to say that blogging is a commitment.

Brendan was on a panel for the Boot Camp opening session on sourcing Internet leads. The discussion went well, Brendan represented and we got a chance to distribute our second copy of BrokerAge magazine. The magazine was heavily read and well received... i'm trying to upload some photos here but Blogger isn't letting me :-(

Whilst there here are a few things we accomplished:

We met with almost all of our feed partners. We're going put together a case study with LiveDeal who reports some awesome results to us. I hope to have it together in a couple of weeks and i'll post it here first. We met with Oodle, who by the way has a very cool new office, Trulia who has a big presence there, Propsmart, and reps from Google. The boys at Google are nice and laid back... must be all that $ they're rolling in. We communicated the urgent need for better reports on upload failures and the publishing of URLs so we can verify a listing has been accepted by our feed partners.

The most important feed partner meeting we has was with Yahoo. Their current classified system is old and in need of a complete overhaul. It appears that they are in the middle of an overhaul and we hop to participate with feedback and user testing. Their reps, Michael Yang, Brian Rothenburg and Vivin were great to speak with and seemed eager to work with the right partners.

We've just signed a significant co-marketing deal with a industry leader that'll we'll announce publicly soon enough (sorry to do that). We enjoyed a celebration dinner at Silks. The food was amazing, but I wouldn't recommend going if you have a big ol hunger on.

We met with some Bus Dev's from Zillow. I've got to say, they're a very humble bunch over there. Smart guys that I think are doing some good things. They recently partnered with Yahoo in integrated the Zillow API into Yahoo Real Estate. I'd love any feedback on what our members would think of such an integration with P2 sites?

We also met the guys from Active Rain, Matt and Caleb. I really like what they are doing... smart guys. I'd like to find a way to work with them and I

We met with a bunch of new, potential partners and I expect that we'll return next year with a similar presence.


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Tracy said...

I am hoping you will try to think of ways to include us in other countries. I am in Mexico for example. My new site (point2agent) has been a big success so far, but more is better. keep up the good work.