Saturday, January 27, 2007

Live From Western Connect

Well, we're on our last few hours at the Banff Western Connect. The conference wraps up this morning and I'll have to say that the show was a huge success. I heard there were over 600 attendees this year, not including exhibitors and speakers. The Point2 booth was a modest 8 X 10 size but we ended up in a very high traffic spot so activity great. I've got the 7 of us below after setup - Myself, Brendan, Coni, Linda, Wendell, Jen and Jaquelyn.

The last 2 mornings we served champage and orange juice at the booth in the morning. Despite the number of people still fuzzy from the previous night festivities, the mimosa servings only lasted a few short minutes.

I cherish every chance we get to leave the office and speak to the industry and our members as I'm constantly reminded that we need to focus on education, simplicity and clarity in our messaging. We have so many members approach us and apologize that they are not using Point2 to their full potential. Some of the challenge is time, some is ability and some is just the lack of knowing 'what to do next.'

We fielded lots of questions about Handshake and the NLS, and most of the reaction was positive. But, we clearly need to speak to the industry about our intentions more and ensure everyone knows we want to be a partner, in fact the most important partner to the industry, not an antagonist. If our NLS is successful as a marketing tool, we'll help organized real estate communicate a more clear and compelling value proposition to today's consumers. Over and out from Banff.


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