Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Brendan King, Uncut and Unplugged

Oh my. Some of our standard members saw a video show up in their online office this afternoon. I got to thinking, heavens, what if our active Pro and Prem members that know Brendan saw this. I mean, what kind of ribbing would he receive? Geez, I hope this doesn't 'get out' ...



Norm Fisher said...

But wait!! That's not all!!

I almost became a professional member for a second time. :)

A very passionate pitch from a man who believes in his product. He speaks the truth. I've tried every cool tool, gadget and techie product. Nothing delivers like Point2. I GUARANTEE IT!!

Jay Thompson said...

Tell Brendan I said, "Nice shirt..."

Jeff Tomlin said...

That's the party shirt Jay, lol. I need to get a video published that was only shot in 1 take.

Brendan King said...

Ok guys. We were kidding around. This was done in one take AND, if I recall correctly, there were some beverages involved. This take was supposed to be the “Ron Popeil cheesy infomercial” take. If you think my video is corny you ought to see Jeff’s cut. Hmm, YouTube here we come.

Seriously though, the offending video is now removed but we are going to have some fun with this kind of thing. Look for more from many of the Point2 staff in the near future.