Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Yahoo Real Estate Confusion

Yahoo is a common source of confusion for all Realtors. They have 2 sections for real estate content. First, they have a nationwide agreement with Prudential to display their IDX feeds. All listing inquiries in Yahoo Real Estate go to Prudential affiliates. Listings from Point2 and other systems have fed into Yahoo's Classified system where your listing will link back to you and have your contact information. It causes a lot of support for us because a listing shows up twice - once in the Prudential IDX feed and once in the Yahoo Classified system.

You can see this if you navigate to the main real estate page:, there are 5 options of which 2 of them are "Homes for Sale (MLS)" and "Real Estate Classifieds". The MLS search will display the Prudential IDX feed and the Real Estate Classified listings are from the Classified system.

Now, a while ago, I believe when the home page changed, the Yahoo Classified listings were changed from: to

That change added to some confusion but it's important to note that the data in the 2 systems is completely separate.

The good news however is that this confusion is going to change. You may have seen an agreement that Realogy inked with Yahoo to feed listings to the Yahoo Classified system. That annoucement marks a huge change in the Yahoo strategy. With a critical mass of listings you can expect the Prudential IDX feed to be a thing of the past and Yahoo to move to a pure classified feed strategy.


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