Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tag, I got meme'd

I don't know what this is really all about, but Brendan meme'd me a while ago. I was reminded about this while thinking about identity today.

Here is how they work according to Jay Thompson “ someone with too much time on their hands thinks up some question (typically personal) and starts a post, “tagging” others to do the same, and it flies across the Internet. Before you know it, you’ve found out more about some people than you probably want to know…” Then Jay tagged me!

Here are the rules for this one:
(1) list 7 things about yourself, (2) tag 7 people to do the meme on themselves including a link to their site.

1. I'm 35 years old and I'm 6 years YOUNGER than Brendan King, not OLDER. I'm married to Violet with a brand new son Jackson.

2. I was born in Chilliwack, B.c. and grew up in in Moose Jaw, SK.

3. I went to the U of S where I finished my Economics Degree. I was successful because I ONLY lived in Rez for 1 year! When I graduated the only thing I knew for certain about my career path is that I was NEVER going to be an economist!

4. One of my coolest trips was a backpacking adventure in 1997 to Bonavista NF for the 500th anniversary of the founding of Canada by John Cabot. The town of 6000 had 30,000 people there that week. The Queen arrived and a group sailed an exact replica of the Matthew from England to arrive exactly on June 24. The trip ended up in Ottawa for Canada Day. I met my wife to be on that trip!

5. Best trip Violet and I have been on was a 2 week voyage to Costa Rica in 2004.

6. I play almost any sport, but my favorite is golf. My first job was at a golf course where I spent my entire summer's earnings on a new set of clubs!

7. I used to have a whack of hair!


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