Thursday, September 21, 2006

Amazing Design Effort

I linked to this site in my post yesterday, but I really need to give it more props. Ginger Fawcett created her own website using Point2 Agent and it's one of the most outstanding efforts I've seen to date. It's important for us at Point2 because we are trying to build flexibility into our system that will allow for unlimited design options. Here is her site:

More impressive than the actual results is the effort that Ginger committed. She wrote in Realtalk,

"I originally spent several thousand dollars with two different designers trying to get a custom site. They failed me miserably. So I decided to buy a book, learn html and attempt setting things up in a "template" site with some serious customization ... It has taken me four months to design, learn html, edit, write, etc. Now I feel a bit like a mini expert on Point2 sites but I still have much to learn and much to tweak."

That's a commitment to excellence and I hope the effort pays off lots of new business. Outstanding work Ginger.

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