Monday, September 25, 2006

Messaging and Clarity

So reflecting back on the title of this Blog, "Real Estate Alchemy", "... a power or process of transforming something common into something special." What makes a company or service special? I think clarity is one thing that makes a company special.

David Dalka wrote a brief summary of a speech Google's Michael Adelberg gave at Associated Cities' Geo Domain Conference. Michael's short statement that Dalka quotes has an impact. In Dalka's words, Michael state that it is his division's mandate to, "Organize the world's local information and make it useful."

That is an example of a very clear outward facing message. It creates clarity for the consumer audience and the mandate itself must create clarity within the Local Team itself. It surprises me that with all the growth Google has had and all the new tools and product offerings, their outward messages remain the same. They are a search company. "Use our stuff to search."

Clarity is something that we at Point2 have struggled with to improve. As a company expands its product offerings, it's difficult to have a succinct outward facing message that also explains the breadth of what the company does. And certainly, clarity itself is more important than breadth. But clear messages not only align internal teams, they help differentiate your company from others.

Whether you are a software development company or you are a Realtor, how are you creating clarity in your audience's mind? What do you do? When you say it, will I remeber it? Why are you different? Does what you do grab my attention? Are you solving a problem of mine? Are you solving my problem in a way that other people can't or in a way they aren't?

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