Monday, February 26, 2007

Craigslist EZ Posting

As many Point2 members have seen already today, we have added Craigslist as a semi automated feed partner. Craig and company do not accept listing feeds so what we've done is generated HTML for each listing that plumbs in to our listing management and prospecting system. Inquiries generated from a Craigslist ad will flow into the Prospects list and view and click stats will be shown on the syndication tab.

So it is a little bit of work to get the listing on Craigslist right now, but is it worth it? We added the functionality this morning. By mid afternoon, we had 34 members add their Point2 listings to Craigslist. Those 34 listings generated 965 views and 337 click throughs. I'd say use Craigslist. Here are some examples of the postings:



Norm Fisher said...

Very, very nice! I like the way you've set this up so that the photo tab takes you to the agents site. Great job folks!

Jeff Tomlin said...

Thanks Norm! I really am floored with the traffic that Craigslist drives.