Tuesday, March 20, 2007

New Partners Added To Syndication Network

Many of our members might have noticed the silent addition of a couple new feed partners last week. We like to do soft launches to ensure things are working properly.

I'd like to welcome House.com and CityCribs.com to the NLS. House.com has been around for a while matching home buyers to real estate agents. They've been successful in the lead generation space and have been successful in leveraging their URL and brand to slowly climb the search engines results page sets. They join the NLS to provide home buyer real estate listings from our members and freely pass on inquiries.

CityCribs.com is fast growing marketplace that first opened up in New York City in January 2004. It has earned numerous mentions in Inman News and was nominted for an innovator award in the category of "Most Innovative Rental or New Home Online Service" in 2006.

We're proud to welcome these 2 new sites to the NLS exposure engine.


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